Fine Men’s Clothing Since 1975

LaSalle the Image Makers is a fine men’s clothing store established in 1975.
Our unique store is located on the corner of South Webster Avenue and Beech Street in Scranton.

Let LaSalle help you look you’re best this winter!

We’re here to make you look great.

The Scranton shop stands out in a quaint neighborhood setting, with its bright red awning and blue storefront.  The windows give way to only a hint of what’s inside.

Beyond the racks of tasteful men’s clothing is a lifelong collection of antiques and oddities set in a vintage décor.

Leo’s collection has grown so impressive that it attracted the attention of the producers of History Channel’s “American Pickers” in 2012.

The crew and stars of the show spent an entire day in his shop filming and trading stories, which he counts as one of the most memorable days of his life. Leo measured up Mike and Frank for the suits they bought, in which they commented, ”We never looked so good”.

The American Pickers